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Welcome to Gabi Canvas Art
Gabicanvasart.co.uk displays the work of artist Gabriel Barbu. A specialist in painting interpretetations of people, pets and landscapes from photographs.
My paintings are painted with the highest quality colours - Rembrandt oil colours on  100% cotton canvas having been triple coated with one coat of acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer. My paintings show realistic and commiserating representations of unforgettable moments and cherised ones. A custom portrait can form the ideal gift to a friend or family member, this is why it is in my commitment to offer my customers the best experience, by charging realistic prices for photo to oil paintings.
For me to work on a painting, I need a clear picture that aids me in representing the high detail needed to achieve a realisitic painting.

How much does a painting cost?

I get asked a lot of times by people, about how much it is to commission a painting. This is because, the so called artists, they simply work the painting in Photoshop. They then print it on a canvas and apply oil colours with a brush on different parts of the print in order to give it the impression of a hand painted painting, finishing it with a coat of varnish. The majority of these fake paintings are made in China for under £50. In order to paint an oil painting, it requires certain skills and talent, not to mention the time needed to include the smallest detail. Us, artists, know the costs involved in making an oil painting, such as the costly oil colours, high quality canvas and the treatments for the canvas. Therefore, if you are charged below £100 for an oil painting, then there is, of course, a reason behind it.
Then people will ask: How much would it cost to commission an oil painting?  Best portrait artists usually charge anything from £250 to £3000. In essence, it depends on how large the painting is, how many people you would want in the painting and it also matters how well known the artist that paints the painting is. For more information on how to take the perfect picture for the painting, visit the Prices tab. For some people the budget is more important than the quality of the painting. For others it is important to have a famous portrait artist painting their oil painting and for some, for as long as the oil portrait looks fantastic, the budget does not matter or how well known the artist is.
Deposits – Portraits from Photographs

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to commission a portrait based on a photograph. If you are not satisfied with your portrait and would like me to make changes, I will be happy to do so. The changes requested must be written down by you to my email to avoid any confusion. A new photograph will then be taken of your amended portrait and be sent to you for your approval.  If you still would like alterations, I will be happy to do so (within reason) until you are delighted with your painting. Upon approval, you will then be asked to settle the remaining balance and once the oils have sufficiently dried I will then post your painting . It is important to note, that once you have approved your portrait, no further alterations can or will be made and no refund can be given.

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