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The history of the paint brush

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Just as the sculptor uses a chisel to reveal from the boulder rocks, the beautiful faces representing gods, humans or objects, which are all the fruit of his imagination. Also the writer and the poet using the wedge gives rise to poems and prose, which soon, thanks to their talent get to be known and cited by mankind, and so the painter uses the 'brush' to display the hidden world out there, where we cannot get away except through the brush movement that will bring to light the image, which will surprise us through the perfect or symbolic form that the artist had when he thought of it inside his mind.And if I got to the paint brush, here is the foundation on what the famous German painter Anselm Feuerbach (1829 - 1880) was based on. He said that an authentic artist must have three binding principles "A sensitive heart, a keen eye, and the skilled hands ... and the best paint brush”
So the paint brush was last! Namely the gardener’s hoe. Therefore it is estimated that the first brush was used 25 000 years ago in the Palaeolithic era, this is what the scientists estimated during the Magdalenian culture. When people from past times were painting on the cave walls they were discovered by scientists and called them cave paintings.
From those ancient times that I talked about earlier, returning to our times, we will make a stop at the ancient Egyptians left on Earth, where we discover the tombs of the pharaohs and nobles painted with brushes made from animal hair. Actually there has not been found, not even one of such paint brushes, but finding the painting colour palettes used in that period, it was easy to deduce this.
Another paradise of colours performed using brushes was and is China! Since ancient times watercolours were used to paint in China.

A brief history of oil painting

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