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Oil Painting

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Oil painting is an old technique of painting using oil composition to enable the binding of pigments and to be combined through being boiled in pine resin or even frankincense.
Painting may also be done by using walnut oil, safflower oil or oil poppy. They are used if you wish to reduce drying time and for reducing yellowing tendency colour. A connoisseur of art oil painting techniques, will quickly understand what kind of oil painting was used in painting a specific painting.
These can be noticed in, "the presence in gloss of the painting" or its matte surface even if subsequently varnished.
Lately, oil painting technique has undergone some major changes, one of which is replacing traditional oil colours with those miscible in water (dilutable in water). These oils contain an emulsifier that is easily diluted in water, these types of paints have a drying time faster than traditional oil which is in just 1-3 days, compared to traditional oils which can take up to 1-3 weeks.

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