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Imagination is that thing that does not exist physically and will take birth in space! Actually the same way were born the things that surrounds us, including us in our own intuitive physical and mental position! It is clear that someone of thought of us and then created us! Imagination in its full form is encountered in childhood, starting declining with age in many of the adults. Perhaps one of you will still remember the childhood moments when you were only closing your eyes and pictures do not delay to be present before your eyes, or how it came from a subject to the composition of almost imaginary real feelings of your mind back then. All in a word, as long as we keep in mind our imagination, our attention will evolve at the same time with memorising! It has been scientifically proven that the human brain is requested in one area for two functions simultaneously: Storing and the imagination! So it follows that with as much knowledge acquired, it is more likely for the imagination in space

A brief history of oil painting

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