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Abbey carriages exhibition of Versailles Saint-Vast

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Following a partnership between Versailles and the city of Arras, there was organized at the Museum of the Abbey Saint-Vast, a mythical exhibition of carriages, "Roulez carosses!", Which will run until the 10th November 2013. It is the first of five similar events provided for the next 10 years. From carriage to saloon The new vehicle has  merged as a sign of social standing, as the easiest way to get noticed. The preciousness of the materials, the sumptuousness of the ornamentation, the beauty and the number of horses and the servants who escorted, expressed the prince's power or the wealth of the individual who possessed it. The Ceremony at the Court of Louis XIV rises the carriage to the rank of major symbol of power. Like his royal bed throne, the king’s carriage represents the monarch’s embodiment. At the ambassadors’ receptions, with the occasion of the sumptuous convoys, the power of princes or the represented states were measured in the splendour of the crews.

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